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Immersion Pneumatic Hammers and Drilling Bits

Low pressure immersion pneumatic hammers complete with the drilling or reaming bits are used for percussive-rotary drilling of various boreholes with diameter 85 to 360 mm rocks and ore minerals with hardness coefficient f=6...20  due to the Protodyakonov rock hardness scale (GOST 21153.1-76). They can be used both, for open cut and underground (tunnelling) drilling works with machines like NKR-100, BP-100, SBU, URB-2А2 and other machines working at compressed air pressure of 0,5...0,7 MPа.

The compressed air is supplied to machines from portable or stationary compressors.

The DTH bit is the working member of the drilling machine. It is represented by pneumatic percussive mechanism with air distribution valve and valve-free system that converts the compressed air power into the impact power and transfers it to the drilling bit, which impacts directly on the targeted rock.

The list of pneumatic hammers and DTH bits, used with them:

P-85-2,0 М MH 250.00 KNSH-85 ВМS MH 166.00
    KNSH-85 ВМS MH 430.00
    KNSH-85 ВМS MH 431.00
P-85-2,0 Р MH 258.00 KNSH-85 ВPSp MH 375.00
    KNSH-85 ВPSp MH 381.00
P-105 PМР MH 260.00 KNSH-105 BРSp MH 392.00
    KNSH-105 BРSp MH 397.00
    KNSH-105 ВРSb MH 401.00
    KNSH-130 BКЕ/105PМР MH 383.00
P-105-2,8 МР MH 85.00 KNSH-105 BМS40 MH 86.00
P-105-2,8 SHРB MH 72.00 KNSH-105 BSHS40 MH 130.00
    KNSH-105 BSHК40 MH 399.00
    KNSH-105 BSHКЕ40 MH 131.00
    KNSH-105 BSHSp40 MH 158.00
    KNSH-105 BSHSp40 MH 443.00
    KNSH-105 BSHSb40 MH 444.00
P-110-2,8 МР MH 60.00 KNSH-110 BМS40 MH 94.00
P-110-3,2 МР MH 87.00 KNSH-110 BМК40 MH 109.00
P-110-3,2 МРB MH 69.00 KNSH-110 BМSp40 MH 102.00
    KNSH-110 BМКЕ40 MH 105.00
    KNSH-130 BК/110МР MH 390.00 
P-110-2,8 SH MH 61.00 KNSH-110 BSHS40 MH 101.00
P-110-3,2 SH MH 254.00 KNSH-110 BSHК40 MH 110.00
P-110-3,2 SHРB MH 67.00 KNSH-110 BSHSр40 MH 108.00
    KNSH-110 BSHКЕ40 MH 106.00
    KNSH-130 BК/110SH MH 391.00 
P-110-2,8 Р MH 267.00 KNSH-110 BРS MH 435.00
    KNSH-110 BРК MH 436.00
    KNSH-110 BРSр MH 438.00
    KNSH-110 BКЕ MH 437.00
P-130-4,0 МР MH 63.00 KNSH-130 BМК MH 172.00
    KNSH-130 BМS MH 171.00
    KNSH-130 BМSр MH 168.00
    KNSH-140 BK/130МР MH 393.00
    KNSH-160 К/130МР MH 123.00
P-130-4,5 Р MH 78.00 KNSH-130 BRS40 MH 155.00
P-130-4,5 РРB MH 76.00 KNSH-130 BRKE40 MH 154.00
    KNSH-140 BS/130Р MH 177.00
    KNSH-140 BKE/130Р MH 178.00
    KNSH-145 BS/130Р MH 378.00
    KNSH-160 KE/130Р MH 189.00
P-160-5,5 М MH 65.00 KNSH-160 MK MH 120.00
    KNSH-180 К/160М MH 125.00
P-160-5,5 SH MH 68.00 KNSH-160 SHS MH 135.00
    KNSH-160 SHSp MH 134.00
    KNSH-180 S/160SH MH 372.00
    KNSH-180 К/160SH MH 165.00
    KNSH-160 BSHS MH 174.00
    KNSH-160 BSHSp MH 175.00
    KNSH-180 BSHSp MH 402.00
    KNSH-250 S/160SH MH 417.00
    KNSH-300 S/160SH MH 411.00
P-190 SH MH 75.00 KNSH-190 ВSHS MH 186.00
    KNSH-190 BSHSp MH 187.00
    KNSH-250 DSHKE MH 173.00
    KNSH-250 S/190SH MH 420.00
    KNSH-320 S/190SH MH 394.00
    KNSH-360 S/190SH MH 395.00

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